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About Toronto SEO Company

SEOTorontoCompany is a group of experienced and optimist SEO specialists, offering all SEO-related services to businesses for more than a decade! We don’t expect our clients to blow their complete marketing budget on us – rather, we keep things streamlined with client's convenience and help them build digital communities.

The Wall Of Achievements: Humbly Featured Year After Year

The Press and journalists have always been raving about our work – and so our clients as well! We take great pride in being featured year after year on big-shot presses like Times, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and many more.

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Fusing Strategic Vision With Creative Flair

Think of us as a one-reliable spot in Toronto for all your marketing-related needs! Beginning from identifying marketing needs to audience-research, and creative production – everything is taken care of by us. We fuse our strategic vision with creativity to achieve outcomes that our clients have always dreamt of. And not just that, our agency focuses on satisfying the clients as well. Businesses that hired us 10 years back are still working with us – isn’t that amazing? Here’s how we have managed this:

  • We chew over client’s requirements, precisely
  • A transparent approach is practised in our firm
  • Low prices that don’t gulp away your budget
  • Best customer service is offered by our CSRS
  • 100% customer satisfaction is promised

Our Core Values Are The Secret Sauce Of Our Success

As we started our SEO agency, we prepared 3 rules of thumb – that serve as our core values, and are ultimately the secret sauce of success as well. And that’s the reason why our firm has managed to stay on top of other agencies.

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Client’s SatisfactionClient’s Satisfaction

Our top priority above all is providing
exceptional results for our customers.

Business SecurityBusiness Security

The confidentiality of every customer is taken very seriously; all details are fully secured.

Transparency AssuredTransparency Assured

A weekly or monthly report is promised by us to practice sheer levels of transparency.

See The Real Contributors Of SEO Toronto Company

We are fortunate enough to work with highly motivated, and experienced staff – master of their crafts, eager to help businesses double the traffic on their digital platforms!

Hazel LynnHazel LynnTechnical SEO Expert
Verona TheaVerona TheaSocial Media Expert
Payton WildaPayton WildaLink Building Expert
Elwin CromwellElwin CromwellPPC Expert
Raleigh RalphRaleigh RalphLocal SEO Expert
Sherlock TannerSherlock TannerEcommerce SEO Expert
Lyn BryanLyn BryanVP, Growth & Development
BerniceBerniceVP, Growth & Development
Frequently Asked Questions

Our ability to adapt to every curveball makes us the best SEO service provider in Toronto. We are never reluctant to adapt to emerging trends in SEO. Therefore, our specialists always prepare and execute strategies that work, and this leads to a higher success rate. Other than this, our focus on customer satisfaction, professionalism, affordable prices, and transparency are some other reasons that make us the best SEO agency.

No, we have an in-house team to operate our SEO services company. Professional SEO ninjas have been hired for their experience and knowledge. They have been working with us for years, and have gained all the valuable insights and knowledge to help a business drive forward towards success. Sadly, we do not entertain SEO freelancers, as their worked related activities and ethics cannot be tracked, and improved by us.

Not SEO, but one can be required to hire two or more other services! Because a client won’t be needing two different SEO services at the same time. Depending upon the client’s needs, we can suggest them to hire two or even more services at the simultaneously. For example, some clients with already existing websites have bad link building and need PPC services at the same time. Therefore, we align the respective experts to work for them.

Oh – gladly! We’d be more than happy to offer our search engine marketing services at a very affordable price. And not just search engine marketing services, but other services like PPC, linking building, and social media can also be brought for a discounted price. Let us know how much you are willing to spend, and we’d try to fit it into your budget. SEOTorontoCompany is a pretty cheap yet the best SEO company in Toronto.

Of course, no step is taken by us without the consent of the client. However, our long-term clients trust us and don’t generally stay in the loop as we have been delivering their desired results for years and years. But for clients who want us to share the strategy before execution, we do that wholeheartedly. As mentioned above, a happy client is all we want. And if that’s what takes satisfying a client, we don’t mind taking the client’s approval.

The SEO consultants will help you in making the best decision regarding which SEO service is best for them. If a business is new, the recommended services will surely be different. But websites that have been already existing require SEO and other services side by side. This might include PPC, social media services, and other things as well. While working with us, you really do not have to worry about what service would be best for you.