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FAQs – You Have The Right To Know!

Curious to know more about SEO Toronto Company? Ask anything about our SEO agency in Canada, Toronto and you’d receive factual answers. Sadly, if this section doesn’t satisfy your queries, feel free to dump your queries at the Customer Support Team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our insights, and ability to adapt to the target market. We do not use cookie-cutter SEO marketing strategies for all of our clients. Rather, we dive deep into the unique requirements of the client, understand their goals, learn about their target market, and only then custom-craft an SEO strategy that works! As a result of this, our success rate in the marketplace is relatively higher.

Of course! It is supremely important to hire professional SEO strategists, rather than doing it yourself. Firstly, search engine optimization requires a lot of knowledge and years of experience to achieve desired results. Secondly, going wrong with search engine optimization can sometimes bring irreversible damage to the website domain. Therefore, it’s better to trust experts like us for the purpose.

As one of the oldest SEO service providers in Toronto, we have the privilege of working for clients belonging to almost every industry that exists. Be it SEO for medical, hospitals, restaurants, institutes, NGOs, IT firms, or any other sector, consider us just a call away. We have professionals who conduct deep research to collect the best relevant insights about the industry.

No doubt, SEO companies can charge sky-high prices as they help a business generate triple the invested price – but overcharging clients isn’t what defines our firm. We help clients rule the search engines, but we do not expect them to go broke to pay our fees. A customized budget is prepared according to the requirements of clients, and we make sure to keep that affordable.

Mentioning it with experience, 80% of our clients witnessed results within the first four months, while rest 20% of the clients experienced results within 6 months. We do not promise tales. SEO isn’t a magic wand that drives results within hours or days. However, with our consistent efforts, we can assure results within 4 to 6 months. It might take longer in some cases.

Black hat strategies are a big no for our SEO firm! We are a legit SEO service provider who deals with every client using white hat strategies. Although black hat strategies can help firms drive results within days, the outcome won't last for a longer time. On top of that, Google Panda and Penguin will ensure that the website no longer exists within the search engines.

Let’s be very honest. Stopping midway can cause troubles for the business in terms of ranking. Also, we might not be able to refund the amount, as we begin working right after the contract is confirmed. The team invests their time and energy, which cannot be reverted. However, if you wish to stop your campaign, let the support team know, and they’d try their best to figure out the situation in your favour.

Great thought! You got covered by our experienced SEO consultants. They will help you in the decision-making, but let us give you a quick overview. Local SEO is suggested when you aim to target an audience within your local area. E-commerce SEO is best for digital businesses that sell online. And, Enterprise SEO is highly recommended for businesses having a big-scale target market with a vast approach.

One must be very considerate while handing over their business’s digital presence to an SEO firm. You can make the decision, by checking their reviews online. Secondly, you can ask them about what SEO strategy they’d be adopting. A legit firm like SEO Toronto Company won’t hesitate to answer it. No matter how many queries you have in your head, we’d de-tangle each of them before working with you.

Every business that aims to taste success should acquire services from an SEO marketing agency. As the digital sphere is getting tougher and tougher every day, it’s hard to cut through the clutter and own a unique position. Search engine optimization (if done right) helps a business to stand out in the industry. However, it’s important to rely on an expert agency only, like SEO Toronto Company.